Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump plans to raid your cookie jar

Yep. Been like that since the "trickle down" policies of President Reagan. It hurts the brain how many people continue to refuse to accept the truth of that this bullshit "conservative" policy doesn't work.  (And I use the quotes around "conservative" deliberately, as I believe real conservatives aren't as selfish as the GOP.)

Trump has absolutely no intention of changing how things are - he isn't "draining the swamp" of politicians and insiders - he's raiding the swamp for alligators and putting them in charge of the government agencies designed to protect people - he's going to feed your sorry ass to himself and his billionaire buddies.

The GOP don't give a rat's ass about you - President Bush (43) claimed he would "reach across the aisle" - he never did. He dictated what he wanted, and demanded that the GOP fall in line - anyone who didn't fall in line was labeled a liberal, unpatriotic and an enemy.  Kind of exactly what Trump does - anyone who stands against him is villified and attacked (Sen Ted Cruz's father), and then he'll flip-flop again the instant someone is useful (Ted Cruz for Attorney General?).

This isn't new - Trump has zero plans to do anything differently than that which as come before.

Wake up and smell the farts - the shit is about to fall on you.

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