Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Post 500!

So, just about six years ago I went online with Faceborg. I had a nice, quiet run there for four years, before they decided they wanted photo ID, and I told them to piss off.

Then I came here.  And “quiet” is definitely the wrong word.  G+ and blogger definitely suit my need to express myself very well.

I've been blessed to build a wonderful community around myself.  I think this is because I Am A Personality. Not for everyone, but at least I'm colorful.

Two years later, I've got 500 live posts here on Icarus Rants! That doesn't include the hundred-ish each at Church of the Ignorant Fool and I Tell You, You Decide if You Care (which, as JC pointed out, has “deify” in the URL, which was pure serendipity, I assure you).

And my numbers!

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