Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"liberal logic" memes are insulting to basic human intelligence

The main thing about "liberal logic" memes is the tortured logic they employ to appeal to the special snowflakes of adults who are just emotional children.

Seriously, play this game a minute. Pretend that instead of the word "liberal," the average "liberal logic" meme used the word "Martian" or "Eric, the Toaster." For example, that it was mocking Little Green Men (LGM) from Mars, instead of humans from Earth?

Now, unravel what the meme says literally, and ask "for that to be true, what must come before?"

In other words, for little green men to be "opposed to Christianity" what must be true?

Well, they have to not be Christian, right?

Funny thing that most little green men are actually Christian, and do a better job of caring for their neighbors and being nice to strangers than the fake Christians (let's call them "Christians," in quotes, so we're clear that I'm talking about the fakes).

And, how rude of those little green men to oppose "Christians" telling other people what to do, right?

I mean, here you got little green men dropping by to visit their neighbors, and self-proclaimed "Christians" are telling the little green men that little green men are oppressing "Christians" by not letting "Christians" make laws telling little green men that they have to be "Christians," and by the way, little green men aren't allowed to marry each other, because the "Christians" never see any little green women, therefore LGM marriage is obviously "some kind of sin."

And then before the little green men can use the bathroom, they have to show some piece of paper with proof of their DNA, otherwise someone may try to look in their pants and judge if that's a winky or not. (Oh, and whoa if the little green me use the "wrong" bathroom, because a "good Christian: will commit violence against the invader.)

I mean, funny thing how the little green men get a little upset at the unprovoked and completely unnecessary mistreatment, but you know, it's those little green men "being hypocritical and uppity" and "pushing their LGM agenda" by asking to be treated in a civil manner and allowed to go about their business of not hurting anyone.

Yeah. Like I said, the thing I find most offensive about "liberal logic" memes isn't that they insult liberals - it's that they insult basic human intelligence by treating the reader like a goddamn moron.

(The fact that people behave like goddamn morons and laugh and laugh like mentally damaged toddlers who lack empathy - and take pride in it - is an entirely different problem altogether.)

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