Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dear Berned - Focus, People, Focus

Oh, probably same as they are now - 30 days late. Only back in the Berner time frame  the circus had moved on, and the news story had shifted to trying to make sure November votes weren't suppressed.

Now, we're in the "Trump is about to fuck your world" stage, where Trump and the GOP - who spent a year rigging elections and screaming about it - are suddenly doing everything they can to suppress recounts and suppress efforts to clean up the voting machinery.

And there is no other circus to distract from trying to figure out of the new President-Elect was helped by Russia or if he is owned by Russia. Which is good, because Trump doesn't actually care about America, but he does care about $600m he owes Russian banks.

Sanders got screwed. The American people got screwed. Let go of the "Sanders" part already, and refocus to the "Lets make sure elections don't get rigged ever again" part.  Otherwise, tweets like this make things worse, not better, by being distractions and focusing on the wrong damn things.

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