Friday, April 13, 2018

Fiction Friday - I want to be a blue-haired mutant

I want blue hair. I mean, as like a natural mutation. Plus, I want superpowers. Flight would be totally awesome, especially if I could achieve orbit, and float around in space without a spacesuit. I'd totally buzz the space station. That would be so fucking awesome.

Space flight and blue hair. That's what I want for Christmas.


And me, being me, where spontaneous off-the-cuff ideas, that start life as simple fun-and-cheeky G+ posts, take on a life of their own...

Alcippe Filipina Kopecky

Background and Origin: When other little girls played with dolls and dreamed of being married someday, “Aly” dreamed of going into space. Her toys were rocket ships and flying drones. Her wall posters were astronauts and space shuttle schematics.

She studied science, and got her PhD at age 26. She was accepted to the national space agency, and in line to fly into space as a science specialist. Someone dug up one of her high school blog posts, where she expressed Views. The controversy wasn’t going to get her kicked out of the program, but she was going to miss this mission flight. This mission had her experiments on board.

Despondent, angry and very drunk, she locked herself in the lab. No one knows what happened in there, because she doesn't remember, and someone destroyed the security camera recordings. The next morning, a half million dollars of experiments were ruined, and the world had a new nova.

A year later, she still works for the space agency. Technically, her new contract is five years of indentured servitude. She doesn't care. She'll do any repair, or any experiment, or even just clean the toilets - just as long as they keep letting her live in the space station.

Combat Tactics: She is not a fighter; she flies away from violent people. In a pinch, she is not averse to hitting someone with a wrench or puncturing a spacesuit with a screwdriver.

Personality Traits: She loves space and astronomy and will talk for hours about it. She has a good heart, but can be immature and sometimes chooses her words poorly.
She can be a bit OCD about completing tasks she feels responsibility for, and has gotten in trouble more than once for not letting go of something reassigned to someone else.

She loves nothing more than being in space, and can get bit weird whenever there is any discussion of her returning to Earth for any reason (she can't reach orbit under her own power, and worries no one would fly her back into space).

Appearance: 5’8”, blue hair, pale skin, lots of tattoos.

Powers: She can survive indefinitely in outer space, and fly. She is a science genius and a talented aerospace engineer.

Notes: Model Riae. Character by I. A. Riley, March, 2018.

Document Copyright (C) 2018 by Icarus Anne Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

Alcippe Filipina Kopecky - Aberrant

Strength  [2] (Might ••• [5])
Dexterity •• [3] (Athletics ••• [5], Pilot • [3], Stealth • [3])
Stamina ••/• [2] (+1) (Endurance ••• [7], Resistance ••• [7])
Perception •••••/••• [5] (+3) (Awareness ••• [8], Investigation • [6], Navigation ••• [8])
Intelligence •••••/• [5] (+1)  (Academics ••• [8], Computer •• [7], Engineering •• [7], Linguistics •• [7], Science •••• [9])
Wits •••• [4] (Arts • [5])
Appearance •••• [4] (Style • [5])
Manipulation ••• [3] (Diplomacy • [4], Subterfuge • [4])
Charisma ••• [3] (Command •• [5], Instruction • [4])

Quantum ••
Quantum Pool 24
Willpower ••••• ••
Taint ••
Combined Soak - Bashing 3, Lethal 2
Health levels - Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded (cannot sprint), Maimed (movement halved), Crippled (can only move one meter per turn), Incapacitated, Dead

Backing •••
Contacts •••
Influence •••
Mentor ••
Resources •••

Flight •
Hyper-Flight •
Mega-Stamina • (Adaptability)
Mega-Intelligence • (Eidetic Memory, Science Prodigy)
Mega-Perception ••• (Electromagnetic Vision, Quantum Attunement)


Sourcebooks Aberrant RPG (White Wolf Publishing, 1999), Aberrant Player's Guide (White Wolf Publishing, 2000).
Random backstory generator - .
Random name generator - .
Random job generator - .
Random personality trait generator - .
Random height/weight generator - .

Values in red indicate the number of Mega dice to roll. These are separated out, because a single Mega for that comes up 7, 8, or 9 counts as two successes, and a roll of 10 (“0”) counts as three successes. So the dice need to be rolled separately, therefore they are noted separately.
She is built on 30 nova points.
+6 Attributes
+12 Abilities
+5 Backgrounds


  1. Just in case anyone missed it, the model is Riae. I like to credit people for their work, and all that.

    She's 5'2" (157cm), meaning she's tiny. She does an amazing job looking taller.

    1. Patreon is such a boon for models/artists/etc. Very much resurrects the old model of patronage.