Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

So, here is a picture of me at Indiana Comic Con this weekend. The Con just wrapped up, sorry I missed you there.

Figured I'd get in one last cosplay before the baby bump really starts to show. I was also trying to pitch my idea for a new "mild-manned coffee barista gets wrapped in alien skin suit and gains superpowers kind of like 'guyver bio booster' only sexier."

Like the guyver, the "chest plates" open up, revealing powerful "reflex cannons," which blow shit up, and cause a lot of collateral damage. As you might imagine, use of the cannons is extremely exhausting, so she does it rarely.

The "ears" on top are extrasensory antenna, giving her different cool abilities, but mostly enhanced hearing and "danger sense."

The hair is mine. I had the dumb idea to lighten it.  It was a dumb idea, because I know better - as I discovered that time I tried "to go green," even "gentle" chemicals rip up my scalp. If you look closely, you might see bits of the white scalp healing lotion the doctor gave me the last time I was this stupid. (Clortrimizole, or something. I can't find it right now.)

Pitching my idea, I got lots of, ahem, "interest," but I don't think anyone will actually offer any money.

Ah, well. At least I had fun.

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