Friday, April 27, 2018

Fiction Friday - genderqueer dinosaurs

The Mighty Protectors RPG has tables that allow for random genderness determination. 

They also have some cool alien races, and you can play mutated dinosaurs, because it's a Superhero RPG, so you can be, you know, whatever.

I was a pansexual transgender genderqueer teenage pteranodon.  

“Mom, Dad? I'm going to live with the humans. At least then whatever bathroom I use, they'll just scream ‘Help! It's a dinosaur!’.”

(page 9)

On a serious note, it is actually pretty cool to see some game authors taking a level-headed approach to this, and just being like "Well, it's reality, so let's put it in there, and acknowledge that non-cisgender people exist, and the players will sort it out, or skip it, or whatever."

It does make me really, really, appreciate how boring my genetics are.

Having said all that, I just can't ever see an episode of "Dinosaur Train" again.

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