Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Say Their Names - Call Domestic Terrorists What They are

Jane Smith wrote

It seems likely that the Domestic Terrorist label is deep and wide throughout our nation at this time in our history...almost to the point of civil war. The neo Nazi culture is growing and with the help of the NRA are disguised as "patriotic".

We have to redo the dialogue and speak the language of the TRUTH. 'Bump stocks, lunatics, background checks, arm the teachers" is the language of Trump,which is fascist rhetoric.

#Saytheirnames is what we need to use . We need to call the school shooters Armed Militia Youth. We need to ask questions to Congress and the establishment that are more Truthful. Like "Are you for or against students being killed while at school by Domestic Terrorists armed with Military Assault Weapons?" We need to ask Trump "Are you for or against groups of people and children being killed in publics areas by Armed Terrorists using Military Assault Weapons?" This is not a conversation about lunatics and Bump stocks, it is a conversation about how to stop an uprising of Hate and Violence by Organized Domestic Terrorists in America.

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