Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Irony of the Second Amendment

Isn't it ironic that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution was written by a group of elite, college educated, wealthy liberals?

After consulting several scholars and other sources, we found that -- with some exceptions -- central figures in the nation’s founding generally came from privileged backgrounds, attended college at a time when very few people did and, by 1776, were prominent and wealthy.

They were, apparently, also mostly fucking geniuses, which puts them several levels of brainpower above the average gun owner, and way above the average ammosexual.

(Yes, I did just distinguish average gun owners from ammosexuals. There is a huge difference, and average gun owners reading this can now take a deep breath and quit being offended snowflakes because I used the word "ammosexuals" at all.)

Gun ownership by education level.  Interestingly, it's pretty spread out. I'd really be curious to see the demographic breakdown of "number of guns by education level" - the stereotype is the less educated hoarde guns out of fear of "da evil people," but what is reality?

Reality?  Reality is that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was written by people smarter, better educated, and wealthier (at the time of the writing) than any damn fool worshiping the Second Amendment today.

Did you ever Google "meme about 2a"?
Yeah, don't.

Dear God, the Stupid is exceeded only by the self-congratulatory arrogance.

But, hey, you know, Guns Make People Special, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought.  "More equal than the feminist movement."  Yeah. Special Snowflake Gun Owners don't understand what feminism means, because ammosexuals are really just chickenshits, who don't really respect women, but they like to congratulate themselves for being Special and Precious.

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