Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Americans do not value life

The root problem behind “mass shootings” and other mindless atrocities on American soil isn't guns, terrorists, patriots, or even “mental health.”

The root problem is that we do not value life.

Abortion? - kill the doctors

Unwanted pregnancy? - blame the victim and make her pay for the pregnancy and pay for the child

Orphanages? - can’t afford them, we have to pay for the corporate prisons

Public education? - can't afford them, we have to subsidize the church schools

Drug treatment programs? - can't afford them, we have to pay for the corporate prisons

Universal health care - fuck that socialist shit, I'm not paying for someone else to be healthy, and you can't force me to buy health insurance our broken system requires me to have to keep myself healthy, but those fucking expensive hospitals better treat me if I get sick

Food stamps - fuck those moochers

Vaccines - you can't give me drugs, I'll just catch that horrible disease and transmit it to others, you fascist commie

Military machine - Damn right we need fast planes and big guns to kill foreigners and take their oil. Except drones. Damn gummint! Only drones allowed in my neighborhood are the ones me and my buds be using to spy on the sweet "barely legal" thang next door!

Body armor for soldiers - you know, it encourages creativity to make them scrounge for metal to armor their own cars

Healthcare for veterans - we can't afford that socialism crap, because we gave tax cuts to rich people

Guns - oh fuck, yeah, kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out

If life has no value, why should we not expect "lone wolves" to commit mass murder, whether we call these psychos "terrorists," "patriots," "haters," "good Christians," "Islamamuslims," or "troubled young men," doesn't fucking matter. 

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