Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stupid Memes: Muslim Gun Control

"Gun Control" usually means "take people's guns away."

"Muslim Control," with a big red "naught" usually means "not," or "No Muslim Control."

Therefore, you've got a meme that says "There was no control of Muslims before we started taking people's guns away."

Yeah, brilliant.

Now, if you want to claim "Oh, hey, no, now that we've got white dudes all learning to shoot properly, we've magically got control of those Islamamuslim terrorists" (you know, all twenty or so that have ever been on US soil, not to be confused with the Christian terrorists, the "Patriot" terrorists, the "just plain fucking whackadoodle" murdering dudes, the "good without God" murdering whackadoodles, and blah, blah, blah).

So, yeah, you know, that Pulse nightclub in Orlando? Yeah, there were armed guards there - "good guys with guns" - yep, they sure as shit saved those 50+ people, didn't they?

You want to get pissy, get a fucking meme that makes fucking sense.

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