Thursday, June 23, 2016

Would the Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up

Can we please NOT have another "Trump vs Clinton: Would the Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up" competition, in any thread, ever again?

This post is not about advocating for any candidate.  I'm just fed up with the stupid fighting.  I'm finding the "anti-Clinton" crowd to be at least as madly passionate as the "anti-Trump" crowd, and that's not necessarily a compliment.

I'm fine if people want to discuss the actual and factual skeletons in Clinton's closet. There are plenty of those. But, I've had it up to HERE with "liberals" chanting right-wing talking points about Clinton as if they've somehow magically become legitimate.

I mean, it's becoming a case of rhetoric, and frankly anyone who thinks Clinton is the Anti-Christ needs to ALSO wake up and remember that's the Anti-Christ suckling at Trump's teet. Given the historical financial relationship between the imagery has disturbing literal connotations as well as allegorical ones.

And, wasn't Saddam Hussein the Anti-Christ? Or Barack Obama? Or Ronald Reagan? No, wait I'm sure it's Benjamin Netanyahu this week, right?  What does Cracked have to say; they're always authoritative on this kind of shit.


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