Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nanny State? Police State? Pick your poison, before it kills you

Let me get this straight.

The party that says you need guns in your home to protect you from the police state gummit, NOW wants to escalate the role of police to a fascist style neighborhood intimidation POLICE STATE?

Ted Cruz speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Because, you know, those GOP flip-flopping sacks of crap don't actually give a shit about your security, except where you're willing to sell it away to give them more power over your dumb ass.

Hitler armed his people to the teeth before declaring the Jews were not allowed to have guns, and when they stood up for their rights to own guns as Germans, then Hitler had his excuse to declare pogrom.

You think for an instant Trump would hesitate to declare pogrom on the Muslim neighbor's who stood up to the police state - the way the GOP have been telling us to do for 20 years?

Nothing like hypocrisy in the morning - "Stand up for the police state! And now that you have, fuck you miserable little scum! Hahahahaha!"

Ultimately, it comes down to class warfare - keep the peasants fighting amongst ourselves, and then steal our rights and money.  It's always about the oligarchs, with their money and privilege.  Always.

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