Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Keep the nanny state out of the uterus

Good meme. No one is "pro-abortion." That's a phantom bogeyman, invented to let people feel self-righteous and superior.

However, a huge number of "pro-lifers" really are nothing more than "anti-abortion," and they reveal this by their smarmy attitudes about how women "need to be responsible for their own choices that lead to them getting knocked up in the first place," and too bad if it's a non-viable fetus, because "no abortions ever, no exceptions."

That's not "pro-life," it's "anti-abortion."

"Anti-abortion" is also "my morality overrules your free capitalism choices to control your body, your future, and the future of any children you may actually want some day."

"Pro-choice" is more in line with "small government," and "privacy rights," than anti-abortionists are.

So, anyone who wants to chant "small government, keep your hands off my gun, and stop spying on me," must also chant "keep government out of the uterus" or admit to being a hypocritical asshole. Good luck with that.

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