Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No, I don't want other people with guns around my kids

Am I comfortable sitting in a restaurant where a man with a gun on his hip is sitting less than 10 feet from my kids?

Nope. That device can kill me in an instant if that guy has a bad day, is mentally ill, is drunk, or fails to stop some drunken idiot taking it away from him.

Plus, he's got enough self-absorbed self-importance (or enemies, real or imagined) that he feels the need to wear it in public. How big an asshole is he? Is he a bigger asshole than the nutjobs who carry assault rifles to buy cookies, or the nutjobs who dox old ladies for telling the police there is a guy on a street corner with an assault rifle, or the guy who unlawfully tackled and assaulted the black man lawfully wearing his sidearm into a store - like dudebro in this picture (above) is wearing his sidearm? Don't know. Can't know if dudebro is sane, or not. All I know is dudebro could kill my kids in an instant, and has no problem making sure everyone knows he could kill my kids in an instant.

Is he also a racist? If a black man walks in wearing a gun also, do we risk a confrontation between two idiots carrying devices designed to kill in an instant?

The question was "Am I comfortable having my kids within 10 feet of a device designed to kill instantly?"

Nope. I'm not.

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