Sunday, March 8, 2015

Damnit - I don't do weekends!

Long ago, I set a policy of not posting on weekends. I need weekends for down time. But, then Mark Knights posted such a complimentary review of me and my blog,  that I allowed myself to be  swept up in chasing the numbers, and broke my own rule that I'd set for my own sanity. (Well, that and I have Views.)

So, back to my rule. This is going to be my last weekend post for as long as I can contain myself.  I've still got about four weeks of material queued up, but I didn't start this blog to "chase numbers," and if I start chasing the numbers, then I'm going to screw up my content, because I'll focus on "what do I think people will want to read," rather than just being colorful ol' me, which is the entire secret of my success to begin with - just being me.

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