Monday, March 23, 2015

Musical Monday - "Wrong Side of Heaven" - Five Finger Death Punch

America shits on its military veterans  You don't often expect hardcore cynical metal rockers to make a vid that looks like a Public Service Announcement, with onscreen text calling us out as a nation for treating vets as disposable, but this one is brilliant.

These Five Finger Death Punch guys created a short film, and set it to their music.

They remind us that veterans are human, and they are heroes, and we owe them a huge debt - a debt that starts with common decency, dignity, and social support to help them reacclimate to "normal" society we take for granted, to keep their families together, to keep their homes - and to keep their sanity.

Christ on a crutch, what the fuck is wrong with America?

Okay, don't answer that, since there either is no answer, or there are too many answers to be useful.

Meanwhile, we shit on the bravest men and women in the nation - the military veterans.  Watch the vid - note the list of websites at the end - and do something to help a vet.


I never served in the military, but I've had a lot of friends who did. I've met and talked with a lot of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. These are just people. Some of them volunteered to go to war, some of them just wanted job training, some of them just wanted to make a difference and serve like good patriots.  They've all been through Hell.

I'm going to leave politics out of this post. This post is just about realizing we throw these men and women through the meatgrinder, demand everything from them, then leave them hanging in the wind on the back-end.

Share this vid around. Maybe we can wake a few people up. Maybe we can make a difference in how we treat our veterans. It's the least we owe them.

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