Monday, March 23, 2015

Batting 3000!

Huge "Thank You!" to everyone who visits my blog!

The jump from 2000 site views to 3000 was crazy fast. I'm a small time blogger, and that's a lot of hits for us small fry, and so I'm very happy and very proud, and I really appreciate all of you who visit my blog and share your time with me.

It means a lot when you re-share my posts, and tell the world about my writing. It's all part of my subversive agenda to get people to think.

The top three credits are:

1. Paul Willard

While Mark (below) might technically be reponsible for more hits, I'm putting Paul first, because he is my biggest evangelist. Apparently my words hit him just right, and I think I make him laugh. Paul re-shares a lot of my links, which is really kind of him.  When I do finally announce my bid for world domination, with my intended role as Benevolent Demagogue, I'm definitely going to formalize Paul's contribution by naming him Most High Evangelist.

2. Mark Knights

Mark runs an awesome gamer blog, and floored the world by listing my site as one of his daily reads (my site was totally incogruous on the list). Totally stunned the Hell out of me, but really meant a lot, too.

3. Some porn site in India,

...which I found too uncomfortable to figure out how it's driving traffic to my site, but it keeps showing up in the traffic sources, so credit where credit is due (plus, it's just kind of funny to put it on this list).

It was both disappointing and refreshing to have it thrown in my face like that how porn is universal. The site was in English, too, which made it even more surreal (and it was a .in extension).


Batting 3000

In a weird bit of serendipity, 165 posts got 3000 views in 200 days.

That's an average of 18 views per post, at 15 views per day.

Batting 2000

...and another 72 days for the second 1000 (about 14 views per day) and 137 total posts (about 15 views per post).

So, 94 days to hit the first 1000 (about 12 views per post, about 11 views per day).


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