Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Suburban American Slavery: No Sanity, No Boundaries, No Age Limits

In a previous post, I remarked how I'm outside the target age group for women in America who get kidnapped and held captive for years as slaves.

Turns out I was wrong. Apparently there is no age limit on this kind of fucked up, scary-as-shit insanity.

This is so freaky screwed up, I'm seriously going to start studyig kung fu and seriously consider getting a gun and a concealed carry permit, and learn knife fighting, and carry one of those, too. Will this guarantee my safety? Will this stop me from freaking out and killing an innocent person? Will this prevent bad things happening? will this ensure no asshole assaults me because I'm carrying a gun and the asshole thinks I'm going to shoot people? No, but it would make me feel less afraid. I think.

Shit, even having a panic room isn't going to guarantee anything, since I saw that movie, and that worked out so well.

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