Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Find Your Voice - Part 2 - Why I Rant

I rant because I can't afford therapy.

I rant because I don't think like normal people. Not necessarily better or worse, just differently.

I rant because I have an insane amount of creative mental energy, and it needs to go somewhere.

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I rant because that insane creative energy is driven by hamsters, so writing something long and coherent or interesting, like a book or novel, is really out of the question. I have too much to say; I can't focus that long on any one topic. Maybe if I rant long enough, I can compile the essays into something.

I fantasize about writing my opus, and calling it "It's Class Warfare, Bitches." The biggest problem is actually that other people articulate individual points often better than I do. Oh, I think I'm really good at hitting the points, and often at hitting them in a way that get people thinking, but I don't usually explain them very eloquently, and that's fine for a rant blog, but wouldn't work for a book.

I rant because my Secret Agenda is to get people to use their damn brains.

I rant because I have things I want to say, and this is an effective way to say them.

I rant because I can make a difference. I touch people, and they reciprocate, and the world becomes a slightly better place.

I rant because I can.  Strangely, not everyone can. Perhaps I am a voice for the voiceless. I don't know.  I can rant, therefore I do.


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