Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Buy American - The Job You Save May Be Your Own

This link has great info and commentary on buying American-made products.

I am pro-union. Unions have flaws, because people have flaws, but unions are a powerful way to protect the low- and middle-class from the elitist pigs at the top of the food chain. That is why unions formed in the first place: to protect the low- and middle-classes from the elitists.

Before unions, there were no 40-hour work weeks or overtime pay. It was "You'll work when I say, or you won't work at all, and you'll take any shit I give you, and if you're injured while working for me, it's too bad, get your broken ass off my property, because there is a desperate schmuck right behind you, ready to clean up the blood and take over where you left off."

See, I've studied macro-history and human nature. I'm a big picture person. Human history is dominated by the greedy and selfish seizing power and authority over everyone else.

It was the rampant and unfettered stock market speculation that broke the economy in the 1920s and lead to the Great Depression - you know, the kind we saw right before the recession of the 1980s, the recession of the late 1990s, and the recession caused by President G.W. Bush in 2008... (remember, President Obama took the oath of office in 2009, so anyone associating the Pres Bush recession with Pres Obama is either wrong or lying).

It was the rise of unions that brought on the 40-hour work week, overtime and holiday pay differentials, and safer working conditions, that lead to the "golden age" of prosperity in the 1950s and 60s.

With the decline of unions since the 1980s, we'ved seen the decimation of a living wage and the renewed rampant economic excesses by the greedElitists - see above about the recessions and depressions.

Some say it was the unions that killed Hostess Bakery. That's a lie. When you dig into the numbers, the venture capitalists spent three years raiding the employee pension funds, destroying the company, and then putting on a huge show of "negotiating" in bad faith with the unions, in order that make the unions the scapegoats, when the venture capitalists finally bankrupted the company and made one last shitload of money selling off the assets - and leaving thousands of people out of work and an American icon in ruins.

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