Friday, February 20, 2015

Climate Change Is Real: Can We Grow Up Now and FIX THE PROBLEM?

I'm going to throw out a dumb question: "Even if climate change is 'natural', do we really want it to happen, at all?"

I mean, we see the damn Greenland and polar ice caps melting. This means sea levels are rising and ocean temperatures are changing.

'Natural cycle' or not, this has a negative impact on humanity.

Do we really want to see a day when Florida - the highest elevation being a trivial 33 feet above sea level - which is why hurricanes just roll right over it - spending half of every day underwater when the tide comes in?

Hell, 'natural' or not, I think humanity is better off if we move on to accepting the hockey stick exists - simply as a fact, fuck wasting energy over "why" - and figure out how to stop the damn thing.

Here is another excellent discussion of the science behind the climate change discussion

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