Monday, February 2, 2015

Musical Monday - "Fucked Up World" - The Pretty Reckless

Oh, go on. It's totally soft-core porn.  I love the song, you can enjoy the visuals.

It is a fucked up world. Where people think violence is great entertainment, but sex is a sin? Where people go around finding "Satanic symbols" in school bus lights - and the fucking local news people "report" on it? Where journalism is dead, and there is no accountability for spewing hate and lies disguised as "what people care about"?

The assholes at Fox News (TM) have taken Orwell's playbook from "1984" and perfected it. If any of those fools do accidentally utter something true, factual, or - Heaven forbid verifyably real - then internal memos circulate so the offender can be publicly chastened for being so foolish as to think reality and truth matter.

Fuck it. Watch the vid,  rock on, whack off, thank me later.

Okay, here's one more thing that is fucked up. Guess how old Taylor Momsen is in this vid. With that voice and attitude, I'd guess mid- to late-
20s, right? Especially when you see some of her other vids, she's totally got her shit together.

She's 19 or 20 in this vid. OMFG. Old before her time, especially given this vid is softcore porn. Fuc-ked UP. I hope she does have her shit together. She's got serious talent and it would suck for her to go all full-on Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears meltdown crazy, too. (Props to Spears for pulling her shit back together.)

On another tangent, the entertainment world is a fucked up fantasy land. It's totally devoid from common reality, and is its own reality. It's the same fantasy land people like the Koch Brothers or Gov. Romney live in - where money and prestige and influence create their own gravity, and even light bends around it. People stop acting normally, and the cash cow is fawned over and coddled, and shielded from little things like washing dishes or changing bed sheets, and yet same cash cow is discarded when the usefulness ends. Fuc-ked UP.

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