Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm going to log off for a while, while I decide if the risk is worth it

I think I’m going to log off for a while. The blog has a dozen posts auto-queued, so it will take care of itself.

This NY Times story I recently read, which is really about how the Interweb community, as a singular entity, is a selfish, heartless monster that does not believe in forgiveness, and craves the bloodsport of destroying people to satisfy some greedy need for self-righteousness, and has the sick, yet treasured, habit of resurrecting dead horses specifically to murder them again, has me asking the basic question:

Is it worth the risk that the next victim will be me?

A woman makes a poorly-worded tweet and gets on a plane for eleven hours. By the time the plane lands, thousands, tens of thousands, or possibly millions of people are clamoring for the bloodsport of watching her face when she gets off the plane – tired, cramped, looking forward to seeing her family – and watching her face as she realizes the world hates her, that her friends, family and co-workers are being attacked and shamed, and her life is destroyed. People clamored to see the confusion and pain on the face of this woman they knew nothing about, except what they had invented in their own minds. 

The monster craves blood, 

and the monster will invent excuses to murder for that blood.

I love my blog. I love expressing myself. I love the community of people who surround my on-line presence.

But, I log off every weekend. That’s 48 hours I’m not here to do spin-control, should someone decide that I should be punished for some “wrong” – real or imagined – and launch a campaign destroy my life.

I need time to consider if the risk is worth it.

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