Thursday, February 5, 2015

Theological Thursday: Memo to Christians - You're Unpredictable and that Scares the Crap out of People

People are afraid of you, because - as a collective - you're about as predictable as the filthy, twitchy guy wandering down the street shouting randomly at everyone around while waving a rusty knife.

As a collective, Christians have beaten other human beings to death for what amounts to "being different."

As a collective, Christians have DEFENDED the murder (or any other crime) by BLAMING THE VICTIM.

So much for Thou Shalt Not Kill.

As a collective, Christians are going out of their way to deny options, opportunities, and BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS to other groups "because you think it's bad."

In other words, Christians, as a collective, you are screaming and ranting and raving for how to dehumanize, and denigrate, and humiliate, and harm, other human beings, because they are different than you.

All the while, inconsistently and selectively citing as your source (i.e. "cherry-picking") a self-contradictory collection of stories written across a span of a thousand years, or more, and tampered with by humans for at least two thousand years.

Yeah, as a collective, you're about as sane as a box of rocks, as violent as shark with a brain tumor, and predictable and consistent as a rabid dog.

Oh, all while defending the murderers in your pack, and denying that any of their crimes are wrong, because the victims "weren't really human," and blinding yourselves to the reality of your own duplicity, complacency and stupidity, while screaming that YOU are the "Good People."

So, yeah. No shit people with half a brain are terrified of you.

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