Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 5: The paranoid, delusional, Open Carry movement - fucking psychonuts with too many guns

Here are some excepts and thoughts from an article about "Not Fucking Gun Assholes" down in Texas.

I mean, Jesus Christ, the paranoia of some of these people. "We''re not nuts," says one person, who also says "but I carry live ammo, just in case one of my enemies tries to run me down with a car." (I'm probably mashing a few things together.) Are you kidding me? Either paranoid, or such a huge asshole that he's making people want to murder him out in the open. Either way, his carrying live ammo makes him a public danger.

Some "not a nut" says "If there is a government coup..." Excuse me?? If that guy isn't already living in a fantasy world, he's only a few steps behind (and the irony of failing to realize it would be loons exactly like him leading coup...)

A 60-year old woman sees a bunch of men with guns, has no fucking clue who they are, and calls the cops. Good for her! Try to keep the damn city safe. One of their members posts her name and address on the Internet. Creating a real and present danger to her health and safety. She gets calls from his buddies calling her names and the leader of the group says -
  • Grisham said the Open Carry member should not have made the woman’s name and number public. “He did it for the right reasons,” Grisham said. “It was just bad execution."
He did it for the right reasons??? She was fucking trying to be a good citizen and keep her neighborhood safe, same as this Grisham asshole claims he's doing- and he defends the public endangerment of an old woman?? What the fuck is wrong with this asshole? His head is all kinds of screwed on wrong when he can't distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, himself from Satan. How selfish, arrogant and self-deluded is he to say "Oh, if I run around with a device-meant-only-for-killing-humans, then I'm a good person," and can't separate that from "But if one of my buddies suddenly makes some old woman a target of psychos with a hard-on for devices-meant-only-for-killing-humans who really want an excuse to use them, then good for him!"

Fucking idiots. Assholes. Selfish, arrogant, pretentious, self-righteous, delusion-by-choice fuckwits are a danger to everyone, including themselves.  The arrogance and hubris to decide they are somehow right for bullying everyone around them.

God, it's people like these that make every sane person on the planet afraid of gun owners.  

So, yeah, we've come full circle to the "If you own a gun, clean up your own damn house of the lunatics, or shut the fuck up when everyone thinks you're a lunatic yourself."

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