Friday, January 30, 2015

Humans are Selfish, Conservatives more so, and people are Stupid

Let me see if I got this:
  • If something good happens to a Conservative, it's because he worked hard;
  • If something good happens to a Liberal, it's because he worked hard;
  • If something bad happens to a Liberal, it's his own fault for fucking up;
  • If something bad happens to a Conservative, it's because some Liberal fucked him over....


Actually, I think Jarvis Slacks says it all a lot better, and I think his piece simply emphasizes my long-formed views that humans are naturally selfish, and conservatives simply more so (with narrow-focused selfishness simply becoming a more powerful force the more right-wing you go).

Funny thing, if brown-skinned people are the "thugs," then why is it only the pink-skinned people that ever seem to have an apeshit hard-on for guns and amass personal arsenals that would supply a guerrilla army, before losing their shit and murdering people (by the way, that link is a really fucking great article about the downside to white male privilege, entrenched misogyny, and how the asshats at the NRA soak you for money by pushing the agenda of white male privilege as the Natural Order of things).

And, why is it only pink-skinned people who "need" assault rifles to buy cookies, but we're not surprised when they lose their shit and murder their own family members.

Okay, so now that I've gotten all the feisty and dramatic language out of the way, let's address some conversational disclaimers.

"conservative" - someone who prefers the status quo to change, likes tradition, ritual and consistency. Tends to think small government is good, but also recognizes the value in a strong government to maintain stability, security, and the economy.

"Conservative" - a group of neo-feudalist political hacks who have lied, cheated, and generally hood-winked and swindled conservatives into self-destructive behaviors, often by selling snake oil and inventing "LibDem" bogeymen to be Very Afraid of.

"Tea Party" a bunch of naive fools whose individual worldview generally consists of "I'm right, fuck you!" They also seem to think the US Constitution was somehow holy writ on origin, and that the founding fathers were Christian, suggesting a critical ignorance about both. Lots of misdirected anger. Even the KKK And Aryan Nation think they're easy recruits (no, seriously, Google that one yourself).


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