Monday, January 5, 2015

Musical Monday: Amaranthe "The Nexus"

"Melodic Death Metal with a Positive Message," is one way the members of Amaranthe describe themselves. Of course, this naturally elicits outrage from hardcore death metal fanatics, but I don't care about that; I just like the music.

I think this was the first Amaranthe song I encountered, so I'm especially enamored of it.  

I love Elize Ryd's voice, and wish I had her hair. Oh, I know it's a video, so her hair has been styled to Hell and back, but it looks great, and wishing I had her hair is fantasy, so why not wish for the fantasy hair while I'm out there. She's got a nice powerful style, full of poise, grace and confidence, which you can see across her many videos. She allows the video directors to sell her beauty, but does not allow herself, or her performance, to be overshadowed by her appearance.

There's a segment where a guitar guy - Henrik Englund, I think - leaps in the air, and I just think it looks cool. He comes down, slamming on the strings, all rage and power. Henrik has a great growl, but seems a bit too raw. A bit too much screaming and not enough screaming-to-a-tune, if you know what I mean. seems more like just shouting, than singing.

Reading the Wikipedia entry for Amaranthe is an education. "Melodic Death Metal"? Seriously? And what's up with the "clean/unclean vocals"?  It's really fascinating how we - as a species - like to have nice, tidy compartments for everything. We like to understand things, and so we invent and modify vocabulary to make this happen. Oh, I'm sure these goofy terms have legit meanings and serve legit classification purposes, especially for hardcore music fans (I'm a very casual music fan), but to an outsider it just looks silly, and that amuses me.

Patric Ullaeus directed this video. His is a name I've seen now on a bunch of videos I like, so I think I'll check out his whole library.

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