Thursday, January 1, 2015

Theological Thursday: Clockmaker-in-a-box

It's a kind of poem. This poetic piece is vaguely inspired by the "Watchmaker Analogy," but really has been inspired by observations on human behavior.

If you are unfamiliar with the "Watchmaker Analogy," then check it out. Like a lot of theological precepts, I considered it flawed in that it starts with humans and tries to work backward to define a god that would have created humans - this is probably clear in the prose, below.



I put you in a box, Clockmaker, because then you are small, and I can understand small, and because I can understand you, that makes me Special.

Build for me a small world, Clockmaker, because in a small world, I am large, and that makes me Special.

Build your world for me, Clockmaker, in ways I can comprehend, using simple ways, and narrow borders, because then my comprehension makes me Special.

I cannot understand, Clockmaker, the idea of an infinite, unbounded Universe, because if others understand things I do not, that makes them Special instead of me.

I cannot comprehend, Clockmaker, how if you are bigger than me, infinite, that I can comprehend you at all, and if I cannot own you, Clockmaker, than I must fear you.

If you are infinite, then why would you care about me at all, Clockmaker, for I can only understand Huge, and not Infinite.

Because I cannot understand Infinite, Clockmaker, then I cannot understand how you can love me, because I am simply a mote.

I cannot understand, Infinite Clockmaker, that the fact that you can, and do, love me, tiny speck among infinite creation, makes me more Special than I can ever dream of being.

If only, Clockmaker, I was not too afraid to release you from the box I have put you in.

 "Clockmaker in a Box," Copyright (C) 2012 by Icarus Anne Riley. All rights reserved.

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