Monday, January 19, 2015

Musical Monday: Kobra and the Lotus - "Welcome to My Funeral"

How the crap does this vid have only 60,000 views? I swear I've watched it 60,000 times!

Anyway, hot chick, hot music, cool vid. Can't go wrong. Hell, she even looks good in dreads and white people almost universally look terrible in dreads. 

I first learned about Kobra Paige when a filmmaker friend of mine edited a short doc about her. Mega-props to Ms Paige - kid knew early on she wanted to be a rock star, and she never let go of that goal.

This last summer she toured fucking Europe with Gene Simmons and KISS!

When my filmmaker friend told me that, my first response was "But, they're so old!" Then she put it in perspective for my by saying "That's like me doing an internship with Steven Spielberg, or you spending a summer with Terry Pratchett."

Ohhhhhh, shiiiiit. Kobra and the Lotus  toured Europe with KISS!

Watch this band, and especially Kobra Paige. Hell, Gwen Stefani blew big on a solo career, and Belinda Carlisle and name-your-front-woman-gone-big. I'm telling you, Kobra Paige is going to join those names some day.

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