Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fuck You If You're Poor, But You Can Fuck Me If You're Rich

I've come into a little bit of extra money. Any one got investment tips for this year?

Those Republican assholes are already trying to strip away the regulatory armor protecting taxpayers from yet-another Republican-caused recession (remember how the 2008 crash was caused by Pres Bush and his "Yes, Massa" drones on Congress? Hint: it was (1).)

Yeah, well, the same morons think it would be great to cause yet another counter-Robin Hood shift of your money to the assholes on Wall Street, same as that trillion-dollar taxpayer bailout of those rich assholes shoved down our throats by.... Pres Bush, actually (remember, the bailout was in October, 2008, and Pres Obama wasn't even elected until a month later, and wasn't actually President until January, 2009).

Anyway, those rich-people-first assholes are about to blow up the economy again, so I'm fishing for some investment advice that won't lose me all my money, and might even ride the wave and skim some cream from those assholes.


It's class warfare, bitches. Time to get educated and fight back.


(1) Actually, turns out the recession was global, and it was caused by the same assholes around the world, pulling the same deregulation shit with the housing markets everywhere. Scary shit, the reach these uberich assholes have.

Article 1 about the UK
Article 2 about the UK

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