Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Selfish Gun Asshats Make "Responsible" Gun Owners Smell Like Shit

This is a memo to RESPONSIBLE Gun Owners.

You non-gun-owners and "Joe the Plumber" wannabes who consider your "right" to carry an assault rifle is more important than a bunch of dead kids - you people go watch a nice movie, or whatever will keep you out of trouble.

Okay, just you responsible types left?


Here is an article about some pro-gun nutjobs. I'll restate their own signature quote:

 "They don't have a right to feel warm and fuzzy about me feeling warm and fuzzy about carrying my assault rifle wherever the fuck I want!"

Yes, read the article written about pro-gun nutjobs. These people are so incredibly self-absorbed, selfish, childish, and such intense bullies they entirely miss the part about them demanding their privilege to feel warm and fuzzy about intimidating and frightening everyone around them, while saying it's because they won't be intimidated or frightened by others.

These people make YOU - Responsible Gun Owner - look like shit. Yeah, these selfish children are dragging your "responsible" image down to their level. How shitty are you willing to smell?

How can *anyone* believe there can even be such a legendary creature as a "responsible gun owner" when these asshats are grabbing at the limelight and telling people how special they are and how their specialness trumps dead children.

I mean, really? Do these people really miss the concept that they're chanting "I'm allowed to own this gun to protect MY children, because FUCK YOUR CHILDREN!"?

Clean up your house people! If you really want to call yourself a "responsible" gun owner then you need to join with reasonable non-gun owners in shutting these people down before they start killing your children and saying it was their RIGHT to kill your children.


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