Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I came, I "SAW," I threw up - no really, I did

I just watched the "Honest Trailers" send-up of "SAW," (1) because I enjoy "Honest Trailers," and I've always been curious how "SAW" got six feature films.

Now, as I've said before, people fascinate me. Really - humans do the most bizarre shit, but after watching this send-up sampler video, I have to say:


I couldn't even finish the blurred out send-up mockery. Jesus, that is all so sick. Props to the creators for building that horrific sense of human evil and horror for the only thing more horrid than killing someone is forcing an innocent person to do it for you. But to have dreamed it up in the first place?? Get some therapy people! **shudder**

But, OMG, I can't imagine any person with even a normal human level of empathy (2) being able to sit through even one of those horrid death/butcher/torture porn scenes, let alone six features worth of them.

And, WTF? the people who made those sick "snuff films"? (Someone please promise me those weren't real snuff films!) I mean, people wrote that shit, decided to spend money making that shit, decided to act through that shit, edit that shit, compose music for that shit, and build sets and props and "you just ripped out my ribs" machinery shit.

God, please let the Men-in-Black bring me a flashy-thingie!


(1) NO, I am not going to give you the link to it. If you want to damage yourself, you have committed to it, and know it's your own damn fault, not mine.

(2) To be fair, I have way more empathy than "normal," so maybe I'm not in a good place to judge a "normal level" of empathy.

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