Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Political Parties - One Evil Is Far Worse Than the Other

Political email: "We desperately need your money to win this election against the evil pond scum, so we can save the world for decent people!"

Him: "Which party sent it?"

Me: "All of them."

Let's be clear that I'm talking about professional politicians here, not mom & pop & Johnny, too, and certainly not you. I'm not talking about philosopies, or words people say. I'm talking about the people who stand up and say "Vote for me, because that Other Guy is Evil!"

Now, y'all know I actually make an effort to hear what people are saying (not just listen, but hear), which is why I consider the greedElitist Opportunistic Pig party to be the real evil scrum (because A-they act like it, setting new low bars for vile behavior daily, and B-they lie about it harder than anyone else).

I'm not even going to pretend the Democrats are not rats. But the sick truth - in my considered opinion (and if you think I'm a mindless parrot of propaganda, let's have a talk) - is that if the Democrats are like rats, then the Republicans are like Rat Kings frothing around in the cesspits they grow in. Meaning one candidate may crap on you (Democrat), but they other candidate is going to turn your entire world into shit, beam with pride over it, and tell you to quit whining about it, you ungrateful little worthless wretch (Republican).

In this case, the choices really are no-brainers, especially for women, because - as evidenced by GOP policies (not rhetoric, but policies) - you don't deserve equal pay for equal work, you really should stay at home, and really your only function is to incubate any fetus that any man shackles you with, and your approval is not required.  Conversely, those GOP bastards will legalize every form of contraception and pregnancy termination the moment they decide they can make more money (and seize more power) off fewer babies than they can make convincing poor people to be overburdened and drive down labor costs.

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