Monday, January 12, 2015

Musical Monday: "O Fortuna" by Ysgol Glanaethwy

Ysgol Glanaethwy is a performing arts school in Wales.

These kids are high school students, so mega-props for being able to belt out this kind of sound, and choreography, and then do it on national television. Apparently, they pulled second place in this televised competition - that's huge!

"O Fortuna" is one of the most used and recognizable musical pieces ever. It's got some really bold and dramatic sounds.

This video works best if you close your eyes the first time thru and feel it. Then watch it again to admire the passion and skill of these young people.

So many musical acts now are small, that marketing depends almost entirely on everyone being gorgeous.

With a large choir, the focus can be on how everyone sounds, and these kids sound fantastic!

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