Friday, January 23, 2015

Woman: Thou Art Human Incubator - Property of the State

I've been warning about this exact slippery slope for years.


THIS is the eventual slide we are heading toward in America. The next step beyond this bullshit of spending life in prison for an act of God! is that women become property of the state when pregnant, to "ensure" they can't fuck up the pregnancy. Oh, at their own expense, of course, since we can't possibly have "socialized medicine" to pay for the forced incarceration of the human incubator.

This is insane. This is stupid.  I remember there was a story about another woman there who was being killed by the non-viable fetus inside her, but no one would remove it, because then the doctors would go to jail. And they would not let her leave the country, because she would get the non-viable fetus removed. The woman's only option given to her by the fascist, anti-women authorities was to hope she didn't die until enough time had passed that the doctors could legally induce labor to get the fetus out before the pregnancy killed her.

These pricks are so self-righteous in their "defense of the unborn" that they callously murder and throw away adult life, and tell themselves they are good people.

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