Thursday, January 8, 2015

Theological Thursday: Freedom From Atheism Foundation - because, you know, fuck you're lack of dogma

A friend brought this to my attention. The Freedom From Atheism Foundation. Because, you know, being a religious prick is so much better.

I don't have a Facebook account anymore, so I had to look at this using a friend's account. Doesn't matter. Pretty much everything there makes no fucking sense.

No, I take that back. Pretty much everything there falls into classic right-wing world of "Fear the bogeyman, he's out to get you!!"

Once you understand that they're trying to fuck with your head, in order to make you feel good about something, and fear some imaginary bogeyman, in order to then panic and do whatever monkey-stupid thing they want you too, it all makes sense. See, it makes sense as long as you understand human behavior, and understand it's a fucking game to these bastards, then you understand the meta-logic of their practical illogic.

Yeah, my friend was nearly weeping to see his otherwise intelligent associates collapsing into single-minded moronicity, because they really want to believe they are persecuted for their faith. I think it's that whole "Christians fed to the lions means you go straight to Heaven" martyrdom complex.

Let's look at these gems of non-logic. (Note that I'm putting the commentary before the meme, not after.)


First of all, the claim that atheists believe religion is the root of all evil, and therefore have no interest in solving problems is bullshit. That doesn't even make sense. The desire to solve problems is independent of God, and independent of religion. Loathing assholes who hide behind dogma doesn't stop anyone from living a normal life.

I mean, for fuck's sake, atheists don't want monuments - there's nothing to build a fucking monument to, not to be confused with religious people who build monuments to everything - no, wait, I take that back - the Muslim Taliban destroy every fucking monument they find, including historical Buddhist artifacts, as attempts to make graven images of God, which are a religious affront.

(Really, that latter point comes down to the warlords in charge of the Taliban psychopaths just desperately trying to find any way to keep the psycho-soldiers busy, lest said psycho-soldiers turn on the warlords - shit, that's why the US Navy has their soldiers painting the damn ships all the time, and why the Army has their soldiers running five miles a day - got to keep those soldiers busy or they start looking for shit to blow up, and often blow up shit belonging to the general and other idiots-in-charge.)


Here's another goody that simply makes no fucking sense. Hm, man is sick in the head and kills people, because "he has no God." Yeah, how about those ISIL fucks - bunch of religious pricks, murdering and butchering in the name of God. Yeah, okay, happy little meme bent on poking the bogeyman and claiming the moral high ground by climbing a mountain of cottage cheese. Being a sick bastard has nothing to do with - or without - God.

Not sure who Peter Singer is, but I think we're back to having a fucknut and claiming God magically makes someone NOT a fucknut. Let's see, God ordered the Hebrews to get a bunch of people drunk, cut off the tips of their dicks, and then murder them. God ordered some guy to butcher is own son as proof of loyalty, then said "Psych! Don't kill your boy." And my favorite - God hardened the heart of Pharaoh to ensure there would be seven plagues and God could show off His power (or as a friend of mine says "To show he had a bigger dick."). Yeah, God's a proven winner. Yet another case of "bogeyman fever."

And WTF is up with the hammer and sickle? "Atheists are Soviets"? Oh, wait, I'm sure that's somehow supposed to be "without God, you get Godless communist anarchy"! Yeah, um... what?

Yeah, these "Freedom From Atheism Foundation" people scare me - not because they seem to have a hard-on for "God," but because they have a hard-on for scaring people, jerking with their emotions, and not worrying a damn about chasing bogeymen. Anyone who pulls that kind of shit is prepared to hurt people and not give a fuck, because they're on a power trip, and those kind of people scare me.


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