Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kickstarter - remember people still want to throw money at you later

Memo to anyone doing a Kickstarter ever:

Include info about "Oh, crap, sorry you missed the chance to throw money at us for the Kickstarter, but here's how you can still give us your money and get cool stuff [at our store, or by email, or any way at all]!"

It's so damn frustrating to run across some cool game or whatever and not be able to obtain it, because it funded and the idiots didn't consider that the stupid campaign page is still up, so new people will STILL WANT TO THROW MONEY AT THEM!

And in exchange for this brilliant (if obvious advice) YOU owe me one free copy of whatever you're selling! (Or not, just as long as you give me a chance to throw money at you later, we're cool)



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