Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anti-Troll - self-righteousness

"I'm okay if you want to get all self-righteous on me. Just check and make sure your little three-legged pedestal isn't missing a fourth leg, before you do." 
- Icarus Loofem, Dec. 2012

J Kovach, Artist once called me the "Anti-Troll." I took that both as high compliment and serious responsibility. I believe she meant it in the context that I can be very generous when using my keen mind and insightful wit when paying compliments, thus boosting the self-esteem of those around me by reminding them of their good traits, and reminding them that people do notice, and do care.

I also took it to mean that I'm good at chewing up Internet trolls. I guess it's not hard, since the average Internet troll fights with the verbal skills of a fifth grader. I mean, there were even a couple I had to put on life support by carrying their side of the argument against me. It was kind of sad, but I was in a mood, and got so annoyed when they just fell apart before I even got warmed up. 

I've been meaning for ages to publish some of my rules for dealing with Internet trolls, and so I'll consider this post as the introduction to "Icarus's Guide To Eating Trolls," or something. I never really did decide on a title. I'm open to suggestions :)

First tip, as my self-citation implies is: listen to your opponent and deconstruct his arguments in a clear, concise fashion. Actually cite your opponent. Yes, this is a core tactic of Internet trolls, but they deliberately misquote. You can control the conversation and metaphorically knock them on their butts by simply pulling apart their own arguments in a calm, concise fashion, thus exaggerating and contrasting their snotty pettiness they are trying to bait you with.

Anyway, it's starting to rain and I have to drag the dog inside. Leave me feedback on what I can do to clarify and refine my prose and explanation.

As a last remark, if you haven't ever heard of J Kovach, go check her out, and her artwork, too :)

Love you guys!

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