Thursday, October 23, 2014

Theological Thursday: God In Schools - what a bloody selfish concept

Bumper Sticker -
"Q: Why does God allow violence in schools?
"A: Because God isn't allowed in schools."

Would that be Allah, Buddha, Shiva the Destroyer, Raven the Trickster, Odin the All-Father? Which "god" do we mean?

Oh, you mean the Christian God? Would that be:

  • The God of Jeremiah Wright, who apparently hates white people? 
  • The God of Pat Robertson who apparently hates black people? 
  • The God of the Westboro Church who apparently hates everybody? 
  • The God of the Childrens Crusade of AD 1212 who declared that only the pure of heart can defeat the infidels and thus tens of thousands of Christian children were marched off to war and slaughter and slavery? 
  • Or maybe the God of the Old Testament who used mind control on the Pharaoh in order that there be seven plagues when one might have sufficed (not to be confused with using mind control to just set all the slaves free)? 
  •  Or maybe the God of the new Testament who says that treating the poor and infirm like shit is the same as treating God himself like shit?

I'm asking, because it's just not clear. And, really, I've got to tell you that it only gets muddier when I realize the presumptive "Well, I'm not allowed in the school, so I don't care what happens to the people there; let the children be murdered." Really? Your god is a bit of a selfish "what have you done for me lately?" bastard, isn't he?

Or, maybe when it's all said and done, it's you - little narrow-minded, short-lived, self-righteous, mortal human with "children die, because God" stickers on your car - who has his head up his ass, and God just looks down and weeps for ALL of His Stupid Children.

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