Thursday, October 30, 2014

She's not a bitch, if the real problem is you're being a dickwad

So, this woman (whom shall remain anonymous, lest the trolls decide she should be raped) wrote on her Facebook page

"At the concert I went to last night a man called me a 'bitch.' Not only to my face, but to his friends, and everyone else standing around him. He then proceeded to mock the way I was standing and how I looked. All because I asked him not to touch me after he purposely touched my hands and my jewelry. I even said please. Sometimes you can't win. I know much much worse things that have happened to my friends. Please, if you notice someone harassing a woman, ask them to stop. If you laugh along or even just say nothing, the perpetrator can take that as a sign that what he's doing is okay. I just wanted to enjoy the concert."

Okay, so here's the deal:  The Little Man who couldn't stop touching this woman was being a dickwad. This woman was not being a "bitch" for asking him to stop touching her. He had no right, nor privilege to be touching her. He had no right, nor privilege to be touching anyone.  By touching her, he violated her personal space. Hell, he was touching her jewelry, so she could have hauled off and punched him in the face and said "I felt threatened and concerned he was going to steal my jewelry."

My God, this woman is being unreasonably reasonable. She should not have to be reasonable about this. He was the violator. He was being a dick, and then decided to be a bigger dick by claiming victimization for not getting his way. I'm going to bet he was white. This reeks of "white man privilege." I bet this guy idolizes Rush Limbaugh, the ultimate perpetrator of "poor white man" bullshit.

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