Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bigot Baker Goes Broke, Oh Boo-Hoo

So, let's be clear:

1) If you want to run a business, and have a license to serve food, you are not allowed to discriminate against human beings. There are provisions for safety and sanitation, e.g. if the person is carrying a knife, or "No shoes, no shirt, no service," but black, gay, short, whatever, not allowed to discriminate;

2) Melissa and her husband CHOSE to refuse service, in violation of the law, and CHOSE to shut down the business office;

3) Apparently, despite running a business in violation of the law, they are trying to dodge the law by baking out of her home kitchen. Okay, this is dodgy because there are sanitation and food preparation laws to protect people. The laws are not meant to screw "mom & pop" shops like these two bigots, the laws are meant to prevent McDonalds-Mega-Corp from selling you even lower quality, e.g. barely-fit-for-animal-consumption, food than they already do.

So, basically, I have no sympathy for these bigots, and I resent their efforts to play for pity and sympathy. In fact, I have no tolerance for bigots of any strip.

And no, this does not "make me a bigot," as the strawman argument goes. Failing to tolerate intolerance makes me a moral, ethical person, who understood the words of Jesus: "We are all children of God," and "What you do to the least among you, you do to me." I.e. "When your petty bigotry leads you - literally or metaphorically - to spit on someone, it means you spit on me."

March 2016 update:  Found a new meme recently, and thought it just fit this so bloody well.

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