Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Washington I-594 - keep your damn guns, this is about stopping criminals from getting new ones

Here is an excellent - and non-political - analysis of Washington State Initiative 594.

I saw a man this morning with a sign that read "Keep your guns! Vote No 594."

Okay, just so we're clear again: I'm not anti-gun; I'm anti-stupid.

I-594 does not take away your fucking guns.  Anyone who says "The government is coming for your guns" is an asshole, and quite possibly also paranoid and delusional.

"They're coming for your guns" doesn't pass the "Does That Even Fucking Make Sense" test.  It fails utterly. Even without the Holy Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, there is simply too much body of law, and too much practical bullshit in the way for anyone to pass enough laws to "take away your guns."

I-594 closes the "gun show loophole."  Right now, any fucknut can walk into a gun show and buy a gun. Yeah, that even means ME.  I got a lot of rage, do you really want me carrying a gun?

And the "Oh, you could get busted for handing someone a gun at the shooting range" is total bullshit. There is specifically an exclusion for that.  Go read the analysis.

Tell your friends to go read it.  Tell everyone you know, that this law doesn't hurt any sane person. It only hurts crazy people, criminals and selfish assholes.

And if someone gets in your face telling you it's unAmerican or the gummit is coming for your guns, or that Japanese guy said "guns behind every blade of grass" take a step back and ask yourself "Does That Even Make Sense?"

Scary thing is, the more I listen to these "pro-gun" people, the less they make sense, and the more they start to sound like paranoid delusionals with a hard-on for a handgun.

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