Monday, October 20, 2014

"I walked out on the President of the United States of America" - are you fucking kidding me??

People left the auditorium while POTUS was speaking - are you fucking kidding me?  Even if you don't like the man, have some respect for Your Country.

The President Of The United States Of America (POTUS) is the highest elected official in the land.  His actions shape the world. The Constitution spends an enormous amount of time defining this one office.

There is an entire building meant to house this one person and the retinue of office and machinery designed to support this one person.

And people walked out while he was speaking? Might as well piss on the Constitution. Might as well piss on America. Might as well piss on all the dead soldiers who bled so you could have the freedom to walk out on America's single most powerful person.

For fuck's sake people, wait five more minutes - show some respect for the Office. Show some respect for your country.  Your car will still be waiting for you when you wander out. The lines won't be any shorter.

And someday, when your children ask you "What was it like to see the President in person?" all you'll have to say is: "I don't know; I walked out on him."


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