Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's all about that bass - I get it now!

My apologies Meghan Trainor (All About That Bass), because I know she was losing sleep over my earlier criticism of this song*, but that was bitching about the snatches of the song I would catch on the radio or overhear other people singing.

I finally took time to go watch the video on YouTube. OMG! It's a Public Service Announcement wrapped in Satire! And it's Good satire! Haha.

- Mocking pop music, which has been called "a drum beat with singing," by wearing the lampshade - "it's all about that bass, no treble";

- the double entendre - "bass" or "base" also meaning "booty" (and we could even claim it's really "B'ass" meaning "big ass" - okay, that's a stretch, but that's what opinionated deconstruction of metaphor is all about, right? - ha! );

- the colored-wig models remind me of a Nikki Minaj video, which is incongruous by itself, but then the faces they make at the end really make the mockery funnier;

- the big guy dancing and doing the splits was awesome and great juxtaposition (ditto when he blew off the skinny chick - ha!);

- the core lyrics just put it out there - boys like big butts and they can't deny - and say "Hey, girlfriend, be yourself and ignore the Katy Perry look-abitalike skinny model, and be comfortable with your body!";

Numerous studies have shown that while we are programmed to find the ultra-thin waif-like model attractive (and for some reason we do), men (and lesbians) actually prefer a more normal (i.e. "meaty") body type for sexual and romantic companionship.

So, Meghan, for your public service, I'm going to put you up on my altar next to Lzzy Hale and Kristi Simkins, and hope you make a huge fortune and keep making fun and satirical music. :)

* (no, she wasn't losing sleep, since she has no idea I exist, but the hyperbole of my self-importance is part of what makes me entertaining)


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