Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ocean levels are rising, Climate Change is real, accept reality and start contributing to the solution

Global Warming, aka Global Climate Change, is Real. Ocean levels have changed radically since the Industrial Pollution (aka Industrial Revolution) began, and humans started changing the environment and climate in historically unprecedented ways (okay, the asteroid that killed thd dinosaurs was bigger, but wasn't man made, unless you want to say it was time travel).

If you're a Denier, then quit being a tit sticking your head in the sand and screaming "N'uh-uh!", and start accepting reality and start contributing to the solution.

That's the first step in Being An Adult - accepting the situation and deciding how to move forward and get on with life anyway. Standing around pretending things aren't real, or aren't changing, is what children do. And - as we all know - children are immature and throw tantrums, and annoy all us grown-up types who need to get work done in the Real World instead of the fantasy land of children and people who reject reality.

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