Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NJ Governor Leads Charge in Fear Mongering. Again.

NJ Governor Leads Charge in Fear Mongering. Again. How the Hell does this guy keep getting elected??

In the age before Diebold Papertrail-less voting machines, with all their proven "bugs," and in the age before Anonymous explained why class warfare monach Karl Rove had his now infamous meltdown on Fox News when Governor Romney didn't magically win the election the same way his boy President Bush did, and in an age before chronic voter suppression disguised as "saving money" and "stopping the bad people from voting," I would have said "more people vote for him."

But, we don't live in that naive, innocent, and intended-by-the-Constitution age anymore, do we?

So, cynical bitch that I am, I am forced to take the heartbreakingly unpatriotic-yet-reasonable stance that Christie retains possession of the Governor's office through deceit, trickery, and graft, in addition to being able to spend more money than his opponents (well, being able to have more money spent on his behalf thanks to the Fascist Fuck-America Citizens United legal case rammed down our throats by the GOP-appointed judges on the Supreme Court).

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