Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday the 13th - Aiiigh!

Happy Monday the 13th!

It's 10/13/2014, or 10/13/14 here in the United States (you know, the Center of the Universe) as I write this, which means 13-Oct-2014 or 13/10/2014 to most of the rest of the world (you unwashed heathens).

Global notational differences (and absurdist self-mockery about US self-importance) aside, it's Monday and it's the 13th! Aigh!

Monday the 13th is like the cranky grandmother to Friday the 13th, and she hasn't had her morning gin yet.

Monday the 13th is the mother of Tuesdays - yeah, all of them, which is why Tuesdays are so malicious.

And now you know! Be careful out there. You woke up this morning, which is good, but this morning is an evil omen all by itself!

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